If We Want To Win

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 , 368 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62097-680-7
Also available as an e-book

An urgent, provocative collection of essays from Latine thought leaders heralding a more inclusive vision of America's future.

Edited by: Diana Campoamor
With a foreword by Robert K. Ross

“A potent vision of Latine successes, opportunities, and futures.”
Library Journal

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If We Want to Win brings together twenty leading figures involved in issues that affect the Latine community, to lay out a vision for the future of American democracy, drawing on their experience and expertise in areas ranging from the arts, juvenile justice, women’s rights, and education, to environmental justice, racism, human rights, immigration, technology, and philanthropy.


Editor Diana Campoamor & contributors discuss If We Want to Win: A Latine Vision for a New American Democracy

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In The Moment Podcast

In The Moment Podcast, Ep. 111

Diana Campoamor with Agueda Pacheco Flores

The Commonwealth Club Inforum

Commonwealth Club of California

At INFORUM, Campoamor is in conversation with a panel of experts to recount their own stories of growing up in the Latinx community and validate the experiences of the community at large.

If We Want To Win Book Launch (11/1)

Book launch for If We Want To Win featuring Diana Campoamor and guests.


Arturo Vargas

Arturo Vargas

Chief executive officer of NALEO Educational Fund

“American democracy today is at serious risk from internal forces, and the Latino community and electorate are smack in the middle of the morass. More than ever, we need inspiration from the lessons of real-life victories over the challenges, and bold, candid analyses that challenge our thinking about the future course of our community and country. On these two points, If We Want to Win delivers.”

Maria de los Angeles Torres

Maria de los Angeles Torres

Author and distinguished professor

If We Want to Win brings together an impressive group of thoughtful and engaged activists whose experiences in the multiple Latine communities provide richly informed and compassionate portrayals. Collectively these essays lay out a plan for the successful political and social inclusion of the fastest growing sector of American society.”

Darren Walker

Darren Walker

President of the Ford Foundation

“At an inflection point in the United States’ demographic destiny, If We Want to Win offers a powerful vision. When we answer this call for more inclusive philanthropy, more investment in education, and greater civic participation, we can help Latine communities unleash their full potential and create a more just, more equal society.”

Fernando Chang-Muy

Fernando Chang-Muy

Thomas O'Boyle Lecturer in Law at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law

“An exciting vision of what could be: a new American democracy... The text will inform, change attitudes, and hopefully, change behavior-inspiring today's student to become tomorrow's agent of change.”

This inspiring, visionary collection offers a blueprint for moving
the United States toward a more inclusive and just democracy.


Diana Campoamor is the founder of Nuestra America Fund (NAF), an initiative focused on documenting Latine leadership and best practices in philanthropy. Prior to NAF, she served as president of Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) for nearly twenty-seven years. The editor of If We Want to Win (The New Press), she lives in San Francisco.

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